93 more Somalis deported from Nairobi to Mogadishu, Somalia

Deportation2Somali Ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali Nur, tweeted this picture with the caption “Home is sweet home, we have helped to go home today 93 Somalis including this 93 years old man”. 

The Somali government chartered a flight to send the deportees from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mogadishu, on Tuesday, 20th May.

These were illegal immigrants held in various centres and police stations around Nairobi since the launch of a security crackdown in April 2014. This is the third group of Somalis to be deported from Kenya and according to Human Rights Watch, Kenyan authorities have so far deported 359 illegal immigrants.

The stories of these deportations often end with a government chartered flights and their arrival in Mogadishu. There is hardly any news regarding what plans the Somali Federal government has made to relocate and house them in the already over-crowded and expensive capital city. There is also very little information on what grounds the Kenyan government has held these illegal immigrants since the start of the security crack-down on the 2nd of April, often in appalling conditions in police stations or Kasarani stadium.

The fight against terrorism has a human rights abuses casualty, which neither of the Kenyan or Somali governments are being held accountable for.